HOST is committed to supporting hospitality startups and promoting growth and innovation in YEG’s hospitality scene.

Hospitality Hub

Our incubator program hosts new hospitality startups and gives them the tools they need to be successful in their industry. Offering everything from business advice to supplier contacts to help with inventory tips, our team of talented mentors shares their secrets and expertise to provide startups the tools to facilitate success.

Hospitality Hub


Community Program

Community Building

We are also involved in promoting YEG’s hospitality scene as a whole and creating a sense of community. Our vision is for hospitality businesses in our city to support each other and enjoy mutual growth and continuous learning.


Sign up for a membership and join the growing HOST community. It’s FREE to be an associate member to the end of 2015. Membership gives you:

• Access to free events and discounts on paid events
• Ability to pitch your idea and have access to our team of mentors
• Priority access to our network of kitchen facilities

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