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Past Events

We would like to extend a big thanks to everyone that made our presence at Taste of Edmonton a huge success. We had so much fun presenting an Introductory Sommelier Course and Exam, The Canadian Food Championships, and hosting a Signature Event of our own.

For our Signature Event, we featured a series of seminars and streams of conversations based around community, mentorship and innovation in hospitality with the theme of Consumer Concern, Innovation and Sustainability. The event was hosted at The Westin Hotel in downtown Edmonton at the same time as Taste of Edmonton, an event to celebrate Edmonton’s culinary scene, and The Canadian Food Championships.

Because these three events occurred at the same time, they helped to spark conversations that built on each other and created the perfect environment to discuss the hospitality industry, innovation in food and emerging trends.

Speakers from the event were extremely diverse and included:

Jean-Philippe Turgeon
Gerard Bertrand

Poul Mark
Transcend Coffee

Dani Braun
Rostizado & Tres Carnales

Danielle Dimovski
Diva Q

Kathryn Joel
Get Cooking YEG

Jason Krips
Alberta Agriculture

Dennis Laycraft
Canadian Cattlemens Association

Karen Haugen-Kozyra
Viresco Solutions Inc.

Bob Lowe
CRSB and Beef Producer

Leann Saunders
Where Food Comes From

John Skinner
Painted Rock

Richard Sandoval
Richard Sandoval Restaurants

Deb Wilson

Ryan Berlin
Urban Futures Inc.

Matt Lane

Ryan O’Flynn

Maynard Kolskog

Paul Shufelt
Century Hospitality Group

Marty Carpenter
Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence

Margaux Burgess
Lingua Vina Sommelier Services

Liana Robberecht

Michael Gange Harris

Celia Koehler

Darcy Fitzgerald
Alberta Pork

Terry Ackerman
Lamb Co-op

Susan Novak

Hubert Lau
ViewTrak Inc.

Heather Bruce
University of Alberta

Jessie Radies
Local Economic Development